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The Court doesn’t know you or your family. The courts first question is usually, “What have you been doing?” The Court’s desire is to maintain the status quo for the children and thereby securing stability during this difficult process.

What this tells me is that if there is a pattern of contact that you better like it, or you may be stuck with it! So the minute you start splitting or someone moves out, start a regular pattern of contact with the children that you like. If you don’t like it and the other parent is blocking you from having frequent contact, then you need to go and change it by filing a Request for Order with the court.

Keep a log of the times that you do have with your children and a log of when you asked for more time and you were denied. A calendar or journal is key. You will be able to use this document in court to refresh your recollection. But know that everyone will get to see your notes and comments so don’t disparage the other parent in there. It is best to have a written account of any denials of contact so please try to communicate via email so that the email may be used to cross-examine the other parent and to prove that indeed you asked for additional time.

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