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Excellent Attorney – I went to Jennifer Posey after going to court with a different attorney and what a difference she made for me. Mrs. Posey is very professional and possesses the knowledge to take on any situation. Going through divorce is a stressful time and with Jennifer’s demeanor and confidence with the task at hand, she makes the situation more manageable with a lot less stress. Mrs. Posey takes the time to learn your case inside and out and works hard to get what you need out of your personal case. She is a very fair and up front person that is not afraid to tell you truthfully how things are going to go in the court room. In my case, I was amazed at her ability and willingness to stand up to another attorney and fight for what was fair for my case. She told me exactly what to expect and that is what happened and more. Jennifer came recommend to me from not just one person in my profession, but 6 people. We all had very similar outcomes and I attribute that to the one thing we all had in common and that is Jennifer Posey. I highly recommend having a consultation with Jennifer before you make any decision in an Attorney. As I was told by 6 other people, you will not be sorry that you did!! Thanks Jennifer for the work that you do, you are truly a difference maker! By Marc

Jennifer Posey delivers -Jennifer delivered on all of my divorce issues. She helped me improve my financial, custody, and property issues. In this environment, which is very slanted toward the Non-money earner, Jennifer is a must have. She excels both in and out of the court room. She knows her craft, which is what you want in a lawyer. She is well known in the legal arena, which is priceless. I strongly refer her based on my personal experience. Jennifer Posey is the real deal! – By Lewis, a Divorce Client

Understanding, thoughtful lawyer with excellent legal skills – Jennifer did a great job with my divorce and child custody case. She worked out a settlement that was fair to both sides and one that i was happy with. Its hard going through a divorce, and at times you want to be mean and spiteful, but Jennifer had the foresight to do not only what was in the best interest of all involved, but what in the end turned out to be a fair decision. I am happy with the results in my case, and glad that I followed Jennifer’s advice. – by Faye, a Divorce Client

An Effective Attorney – Jennifer was very helpful in resolving my divorce. She became my lawyer in the middle of a 3 year long divorce dispute. She was able to negotiate and resolve issues with professionalism. She always came to court prepared and made me feel as though she was fighting for my interests. – by Mellissa, a Family Client

Gets the Job Done – I really love Jennifer and the work she does for my family and I. She really studies your case, gets to know you, asks questions, remembers names, responds to emails/phone calls and at the end of the day, she gets the work done for you. She is honest with you and tells you how it is. I feel comfortable around her and have faith in her work of my case. Before I met her I had little to no faith left in attorney-client relationships because I had two attorneys before her who didn’t care about me or my daughter. I don’t feel that way with Jennifer and she will be the attorney I go to for help or advice. By a Family Client

Trustworthy/Expert Fighter! – Jennifer is not only an expert in family law but caring and dedicated to doing what’s best for the children. She quickly negotiated the property division, keeping the children in our home and school district. Jennifer also fought for spousal support while I went back to school for a new skill set. You can trust her to keep communication open and focused, yet be there for you during an emotional and stressful time.
Recently, I retained Jennifer again as I battled a high grade cancer. I needed help until I could walk and work again. She knows how to litigate and prepare me for trial in front of the Judge. She is quick and timely while proceeding with great care and empathy. I highly recommend Jennifer and am forever grateful to her and her staff. By a Divorce Client

Jennifer did more for me within 2 weeks of hiring her than I had with two previous lawyers for 3 years – It is so wonderful to have legal counsel that cares about our family, sticks up for what is right and has a born talent of “negotiating”. I literally have gone through 2 attorneys in a very ugly divorce over the past 3+ years. 3 weeks after signing an agreement with Jennifer, my life has literally changed. Without providing excruciating detail, she has kept my family whole, given me more time with my children and ensured that the opposing counsel understands that “Our Team” will always do what is right for our family unit. By a Child Custody Client

Excellent Attorney – I initially hired Jennifer for my divorce over four years ago and I was extremely satisfied with her work. Since then I have had to rehire her for child custody, she is straight forward and gives you realistic possible outcomes. She looks out for the best interest of the child and is always prepared with all the facts when its time for trial. She was recommended to me and I would definitely recommend her to anyone who needs a divorce or child custody lawyer. By a Child Custody Client

Excellent Family Law Attorney – Ms. Posey has been my attorney for 2 1/2 years, and has worked with me on both custody and child support matters. Jennifer is a thorough, experienced attorney with a sound legal mind and great litigation skills. She is realistic about possible outcomes, and very savvy about working within the framework of the family court and child support systems for the best possible outcome. Her office is small and very client focused. I would definitely recommend her to anyone going through a divorce, or dealing with ongoing custody/visitation/support issues. By Tabitha, a Family Law Client

Thankful that I switched to Jennifer – I was not happy with my current lawyer’s performance and decided to switch to Jennifer. It was a hard decision but well worth it. Jenn tells it like she sees it, which was hard for me to hear sometimes, but needed to be said. She always knew the details of my case and fought for me every step of the way. I was completely happy with the outcome of the trial and believe it would not have ended up this way with my first lawyer. We have already recommended a friend to her and will continue to do so. By a Family Law Client

Great Decision – After a failed attempt to dissolve my marriage using a local mediator (waste of time and money), I contacted Jennifer. She was professional and very knowledgeable of the law. Jennifer had an edge to her I wanted on my side. Jennifer represented me well, and I feel she worked the system effectively to get me a fair and favorable outcome with my spousal support agreement. Her staff was very pleasant to interact with and all my needs were met in retaining the services of Jennifer Posey. By Matthew

The Best – I was referred to Mrs. Posey from a co-worker and I was immediately impressed with her demeanor and professionalism. I knew right away that I was in good hands. Mrs. Posey KNOWS the law and knows the ins and outs of the court system like no other. She is edgy when needed but always compassionate. She looked out for all of my needs while dealing with difficult legal and court proceedings. I would certainly use her again in the future and I highly recommend her. By Ryan



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