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About Our Success


Our Story of Success

Our Founder, Walter D. Posey, opened his legal practice providing his client’s discreet services in family law, personal injury and criminal defense in 1970.  Before Walter obtained his law degree from Pepperdine University, he served as a police officer for Anaheim Police Department as the sargent of detectives and juvenile court liaison officer.  Walter came to California from Alabama at the request of the United States Marines.

In 2009, Commission Walter D. Posey retired from the Orange County Superior Court after having served the County of Orange for 16 years- mostly sitting on the family law panel.

Mrs. Janette Posey graduates from Western State University and passes the California Bar in 1976.  Janette joined the family law practice that became known as Posey & Posey.  Janette’s practice included family law, wills, trusts and personal injury.  Janette was a Founding Member of the Orange County Women Lawyer’s Association. Additionally, Janette taught courses to future lawyers at her alma mater, Western State University.

Our lead counsel, Jennifer R. Posey, graduated Magna Cum Laude with High Honors and Salutatorian of her graduating class with her Juris Doctorate from American College of Law, and passed the California Bar Exam in 1991. For her first few years in private practice, Jennifer taught Evidence and Appellate Advocacy to future lawyers at her alma mater, American College of Law.

Always passionate about family law, Jennifer took over the offices of Posey & Posey in 1993 when her father was appointed to the bench in Orange County Superior Court, beginning Posey & Associates. The practice became exclusive to family law matters including child custody, child and spousal support, property division, business evaluations, cash flow analysis for support purposes, mediation and other family law issues.

After working together for 5 years, Joseph C. Franzi and Jennifer R. Posey teamed up to join forces creating Posey & Franzi LLP. Two experienced trial lawyers at the ready for clients.

Client's Reviews

Always responded to my emails quickly – Jennifer and her staff are the best of the best. She was able to get me out of a difficult situation with her expertise and grace. While I was in the midst of a divorce from my ex-husband who would not budge on any financial matters. I was stuck with an incompetent lawyer who would refuse to fight for what I wanted. My divorce had been going on for 2 years at this point. Nothing was coming to an end. On top of that, I was losing massive amounts of money and my spirit was exhausted. But as soon as I switched to Jennifer, things immediately started looking up. Her assertiveness and strong communication skills were effective in every interaction with my ex’s lawyer. She always responded to my emails quickly, keeping me in the know. Whatever came to me, she helped me get through it. Jennifer is extremely experienced, so I would strongly recommend her to be your family attorney.

Hoan T.

Put their clients FIRST – I don’t even know where to begin! Shopping for lawyers in the beginning of this massive life change was hard enough. Luckily there’s still good law firms that put their clients FIRST, and I found them!! Hearing all the lawyer horror stories had me scared and very untrustworthy but Jenn and Joseph were amazing! They took care of and listened to every want, need, and concern I had. Needless to say my divorce went well and I came out successful and unscathed, but only from the hard work Jenn and Joe put into my case. I only put 5 stars because I couldn’t find the 10 stars button. THANK YOU!!

Jason W.

I would give 10 stars if I could – When my ex husband attempted to undue our entire order and leave me with no support, Mr. Franzi of Posey and Associates not only protected me, but actually got me more. From day one Mr. Franzi went on the offensive, filing contempt motions for all of the stipulations my ex was failing to do. I was never just defending my position. In fact, because of Mr. Franzi, it was my ex who ended up having to defend himself. By the time the matter of support was to be heard, my ex settled and I never had to take a chance on my support being terminated. Mr. Franzi makes sure to include all the little details so that things like this won’t happen in the first place. I knew that I could trust Posey and Associates and I am so very happy that Mr. Franzi took my case. I would give 10 stars if I could.

Tiffany G.

Unified, Cohesive Team – I needed legal counsel and representation for several ongoing custodial battles after I was legally separated and for my divorce. Everyone at Posey & Associates is highly regarded. Numerous acquaintances informed me (unsolicited) that I was VERY well represented.  I consistently found everyone at the firm to be fully informed and up to speed on my case(s). They are organized, efficient and sharp. They operate as a unified, cohesive team. Several things stood out for me with Mr. Franzi: * He read every word of documentation I sent him (lots) and he remembered every detail of it. * He made it clear to me up front and throughout, what would be useful to the case and what would be a waste of my time and money… and his. * Regardless of the court of morality and righteousness, he only focused on winnable strategies in a court of law. Though he is a sympathetic and good listener, he never deviated from whatever was the strongest legal path to victory. * I was always copied on draft documents (which were compellingly written) before they were submitted. I felt fully informed throughout the entire process. * Lastly, Mr. Franzi does not go in for bombastic histrionics. He is respectful and gains rapport with opposing counsel, judges and court staff. He is unassuming in his personality but focuses on making a solid legal case. On legal points, he is unrelenting but I’ve seen him use rapport and mutual respect to leverage reciprocity and sympathy to his clients’ advantage. He prefers to let the facts and evidence be the megaphone. I felt I was in very good hands. I referred my mother to him as well who also hired him. I highly recommend Mr. Franzi of Jennifer Posey & Associates with the greatest confidence. He will do right by you.

Erin M.

Supportive and informative – I had a pretty tough case and had worked with a number of different attorneys over the course of 10 years. Jen was the best by far and her staff was always supportive and informative which I definitely appreciated. I will be using Jen moving forward for all of my family legal issues

Thankful and Grateful

Top notch – Jennifer and her staff are top notch. Jennifer is nononse and knows how to get things done. Her staff is quick and responsive. Posey and associates is a smaller firm so you don’t get pushed around from associate to associate. My proceedings took over 3 years and Jennifer was by my side for the entire process.

Gina P.

Wonderful and honest attorneys – I heard about Jennifer Posey in 1994 and went to her for a consultation. She was so honest. I was being given the run around by two attorneys who were charging thousands by telling me the “possibilities” when in fact Jennifer said “not possible”. I went home and fired those attorneys and waited for my ex husband’s next move. He never made one. Needless to say I have had a huge distrust of attorneys ever since. I swore I would never hire anyone other than Jennifer Posey if I ever did need an attorney again. Well, I did hire another attorney for my second divorce. We agreed on everything and Jen was 2,000 more for the retainer. It was basically a default w/agreement. What could go wrong? Literally EVERYTHING. Attorneys like billable hours. What money is there to be made when everything goes smoothly and the parties agree? I really felt that my attorney was trying to start something to get more money. He never even filed the proper paper work when it was all over (a year and a half later). In 2019 the ex was back, making outrageous claims and outright lies. Thank God I had him sign and notarize our agreement, something my prior attorney didn’t do. I responded to his lies myself and showed up to court representing myself. I never got to prove that he was lying because his attorney threw something else at me (discovery) It was like going through a divorce all over again. My ex husband and his attorney were going to use every trick in the book to intimidate and crush me. I called Jennifer Posey’s office only to find out that she did not travel outside of OC anymore. Devastated, I asked for a consultation. I was given a consult with Joseph Franzi. I was prepared to overcome every objection and even pay double if I had to. The case interested Mr. Franzi and he said he would take it. Thank God. He said I should go home and think about if I wanted to hire him. No I will not think about it. I paid the retainer on the spot. BEST DECISION EVER! Joseph was fantastic!! I was not going to do that discovery but Joseph got me to do it and finish early. He has a way of communicating that made me want to do it. I was never bullied or pleaded with (neither works with me) That was the hard part, just like he said. After that it was my turn to hit back and that is exactly what happened. From that point on Joseph had my ex settling for much more than our original agreement. I know another attorney would have bankrupted me and not gotten the results that Joseph did. My advice is if either one of these wonderful and honest attorneys are willing to take your case, do not think any further. Just retain them. I could not be more happy with the results Joseph Franzi got for me. He was worth every penny and more.

Sherry G.

Best decision was to hire her – I have had quite a devastating month with fighting HARD for my son after my ex surprisingly served me and tried everything to get sole custody. I cant speak more highly of Jennifer Posey and her team. She helped me get exactly what I wanted within 18 hours of learning my case. It brings me to tears. Her professionalism, knowledge, demeanor, and love for her job showed through from the moment I met her. Best decision was to hire her.

Krista F.

The Best – I was referred to Mrs. Posey from a co-worker and I was immediately impressed with her demeanor and professionalism. I knew right away that I was in good hands. Mrs. Posey KNOWS the law and knows the ins and outs of the court system like no other. She is edgy when needed but always compassionate. She looked out for all of my needs while dealing with difficult legal and court proceedings. I would certainly use her again in the future and I highly recommend her.


Great Decision – After a failed attempt to dissolve my marriage using a local mediator (waste of time and money), I contacted Jennifer. She was professional and very knowledgeable of the law. Jennifer had an edge to her I wanted on my side. Jennifer represented me well, and I feel she worked the system effectively to get me a fair and favorable outcome with my spousal support agreement. Her staff was very pleasant to interact with and all my needs were met in retaining the services of Jennifer Posey.


Jennifer did more for me within 2 weeks of hiring her than I had with two previous lawyers for 3 years – It is so wonderful to have legal counsel that cares about our family, sticks up for what is right and has a born talent of “negotiating”. I literally have gone through 2 attorneys in a very ugly divorce over the past 3+ years. 3 weeks after signing an agreement with Jennifer, my life has literally changed. Without providing excruciating detail, she has kept my family whole, given me more time with my children and ensured that the opposing counsel understands that “Our Team” will always do what is right for our family unit. By a Child Custody Client

A Child Custody Client

Trustworthy/Expert Fighter! – Jennifer is not only an expert in family law but caring and dedicated to doing what’s best for the children. She quickly negotiated the property division, keeping the children in our home and school district. Jennifer also fought for spousal support while I went back to school for a new skill set. You can trust her to keep communication open and focused, yet be there for you during an emotional and stressful time.
Recently, I retained Jennifer again as I battled a high grade cancer. I needed help until I could walk and work again. She knows how to litigate and prepare me for trial in front of the Judge. She is quick and timely while proceeding with great care and empathy. I highly recommend Jennifer and am forever grateful to her and her staff. By a Divorce Client


Gets the Job Done – I really love Jennifer and the work she does for my family and I. She really studies your case, gets to know you, asks questions, remembers names, responds to emails/phone calls and at the end of the day, she gets the work done for you. She is honest with you and tells you how it is. I feel comfortable around her and have faith in her work of my case. Before I met her I had little to no faith left in attorney-client relationships because I had two attorneys before her who didn’t care about me or my daughter. I don’t feel that way with Jennifer and she will be the attorney I go to for help or advice. By a Family Client

A Family Client

An Effective Attorney – Jennifer was very helpful in resolving my divorce. She became my lawyer in the middle of a 3 year long divorce dispute. She was able to negotiate and resolve issues with professionalism. She always came to court prepared and made me feel as though she was fighting for my interests.


A Family Client

Jennifer Posey delivers -Jennifer delivered on all of my divorce issues. She helped me improve my financial, custody, and property issues. In this environment, which is very slanted toward the Non-money earner, Jennifer is a must have. She excels both in and out of the court room. She knows her craft, which is what you want in a lawyer. She is well known in the legal arena, which is priceless. I strongly refer her based on my personal experience. Jennifer Posey is the real deal!


A Divorce Client