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Complex Litigation/Trials

A family law attorney can be a valuable asset to clients facing complex litigation and trials. Posey & Franzi have the knowledge and experience to navigate the legal system and advocate for their clients’ rights and interests. We understand when a matter will need to be taken to court and when it may be more beneficial to settle on favorable terms.

One of the key ways in which a family law attorney can help a client is by coaching them through the legal process. We enjoy educating clients on what evidence will be required, what evidence is admissible, and how to properly testify in court. Our attorneys also advise our clients on what witnesses will be persuasive and how to assist their legal team. We also provide insight on what a judge may think of the matter and the best way to present the case to that court.

In addition, Posey & Franzi help our clients understand the legal system and the different options available to them. We will provide guidance on the best course of action for each individual case, as well as represent clients in court and negotiate on their behalf. With the help of our experienced family law attorneys, clients can feel confident and prepared as they navigate the legal system.