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Modification of Judgments

At Posey & Franzi, we have extensive experience in post Judgment modifications, and can assist you in a variety of areas including:

  • Child custody modifications: We can help you seek modifications to existing child custody arrangements, whether you are seeking more time with your children, primary custody, or changes to the current parenting plan.
  • Child support modifications: We can help you request modifications to the amount of child support that is being paid, whether you are the payee or the payer.
  • Spousal support and step-down orders: We can assist in modifying the amount of spousal support or step-down orders.
  • Missed assets and debts: We can bring to the court’s attention any issues regarding missed assets or debts that have not been addressed in the original Judgment.
  • Motions to compel: We can help you file motions to compel the other party, including having them sign documents related to the Judgment and enforcing orders.
  • Motions to appoint the clerk of the court: We can help you file a motion to appoint the clerk of the court to sign documents on behalf of the other party, called an Elisor.
  • Request for order: We can help you request an order for primary custody to support a move-away case out of state.
  • Motions to set aside Judgments: We can assist in filing motions to set aside judgments if there is a mistake, fraud, or a lack of full disclosure in the original Judgment.
  • Motions for change of venue: We can help you request a change of venue for the case, if you need to move the case to a different location.

At Posey & Franzi, we understand that post-judgment modifications can be complex and emotional, and we are here to provide you with the guidance and support you need to navigate the process. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.